AQUA — Deflationary Farmable Asset

6 min readDec 14, 2020

Coil Ecosystem


Elastic supply token that targets $1 and rebases itself every 23 hrs to match market supply and demand factors.


Deflationary token with features of SAV3 and RFI that rewards holders, function callers, AQUA/ETH lps, and AQUA/COIL lps.


Reasoning and Usecase

AQUA is designed to be a deflationary asset that will become more scarce over time. The goal of AQUA is to provide DeFi users and farmers a token that rises in value, becomes more scarce, and also is the first farmable asset for the COIL ecosystem. Many farming tokens have high inflation, making them a race to farm and dump. AQUA is designed to be deflationary and become more scarce over time, while also allowing users to farm and earn. Even users just holding AQUA will see their balances increase every transaction. Read more about this below. Instead of providing a user with high inflation food tokens like most projects, AQUA will work similar to SAV3 and RFI and distribute to lps and holders in a deflationary manner.


50,000 tokens
4% tx fee: Distributed as follows every tx

  • 2% of those Aqua fund the AQUA/ETH rewards in the Aquifer (this fills the splash pool and is distributed when function is called)
  • 0.3% goes to AQUA/COIL liquidity providers in the Waterfall (this fills the splash pool and is distributed when function is called)
  • 0.7% distributes to all AQUA addresses (every tx)
  • 1% is burned (every tx)

This gives AQUA the RFI/SAV3 distribution and makes AQUA deflationary on top of that.

Call function (Splash lp’s)

To keep gas costs down when users send AQUA, we have set up the 2% that goes to the AQUA/ETH lps and the .3% that goes to the AQUA/COIL lps to be pooled in the contract address(splash pool). ANY user can call this function at any time. When a users calls this function, they are rewarded with 5% of the total “splash pool” of fees. Once the function is called AQUA is distributed to lps in the AQUA/COIL and AQUA/ETH pools. One functions does this all. This allows us to reward callers of the function, any user to call the function, and allows us to keep AQUA gas prices lower.

It allows those that add liquidity to basically double dip, as each transaction holders balances get a share of the fee and also each transaction lps get a share of the fee.



50,000 Possible Max Total Supply @ 24 AQUA per ETH

60% Max Sold at LGE Event

30% Liquidity

8% Treasury, Development, Marketing, AQUA/COIL pool initial liquidity, Liquidity incentives, — 5,000

2% Airdrop to Coil holders

~55% of all ETH raised will be locked in liquidity in AQUA/ETH pool

List Price -24 AQUA / ETH

Liquidity Event — 24hr what is raised ~55% eth added in liquidity. Max 30,000 Sold.

Distribution — Will be announced but starting this week in telegram:

Join —

Up to 700 users and all COIL holders will be able to get whitelisted via the Whitelist bot via criteria we will share after the LGE event to prevent manipulation. Those users once sale opens have 24 hrs to contribute ETH to the LGE and get AQUA based on the bonding curve below. Once these 24hrs are up, users that MISSED being whitelisted will be able to buy. This will stay open for 12 hrs. Once this time is up OR a max of 30,000 AQUA is sold, the sale is over. IF all whitelisted users buy all 30k AQUA no sale will open and we will go straight to Uniswap listing.



Minimum Contribution to LGE — .5 ETH

Max Contribution to LGE — 10 ETH

Whitelist Bonding Curve

1–25 ETH — 32 AQUA

25–50 ETH — 31 AQUA

50–100 ETH — 30 AQUA

100–150 ETH — 29 AQUA

150–200 ETH — 28 AQUA

200–250 ETH 27 AQUA

250–300 ETH 26 AQUA

300+ETH 25 AQUA

MAX SOLD — 30,000 AQUA

Unsold AQUA burned
Once 30,000 AQUA is sold LGE event is OVER and listing will be shortly after on Uniswap at 24 AQUA per ETH.


All COIL holders will split an airdrop of 2% of the total supply of AQUA. Holders will receive proportional airdrop to their COIL balance after launch of AQUA. Approximately 2 days after launch. Holders in the Springs will also be airdropped and covered. This airdrop is being done to not only reward COIL holders, but to also allow every single Coil holder the opportunity to add liquidity to the AQUA/COIL Waterfall, so they can farm more AQUA. Now every single COIL holder can participate whether they join the LGE or not!


3 pools

COIL/ETH (Spring)-the current main COIL pool that pays higher ROI in COIL. This works like an AMPL geyser but has an added feature. The longer you stay in the pool the higher the multiplier. You accrue 2x after 30 days and 3x after 60 days. After 60 days you keep your 3x multiplier until you withdraw. If you withdraw then redeposit, you start your multiplier over. On top of this COIL has added a CORE feature of permanent liquidity lock. When users withdraw from the Spring 2% is taxed. This tax permanently locks in liquidity creating growing liquidity and a rising price floor.

AQUA/COIL (Waterfall) — New pool — Liquidity providers in this pool farm and earn AQUA. AQUA rewards fund itself and this reward pool by distributing 0.3% of every AQUA tx to lps in the pool. This distribution happens when a user(anyone) calls the Splash function.

AQUA/ETH-(Aquifer) New pool — Users that provide liquidity in this pool earn AQUA. 2% of AQUA tx fees go to lps in the Aquifer via rewards distributed once a user (anyone)calls the Splash function.

All AQUA holders share .7% of every AQUA transaction just for holding. Your balance updates every tx.

COIL is a perfect fit to go along with the deflationary AQUA, because COIL is elastic supply and rebases and debases. This will create arbitrage opportunities and generate volume between all of the pools driving higher returns, fees, and more demand. On top of this the ROI’s will fluctuate between pools creating opportunities for the lp’s to move around the system as well.


As other pools are added and the COIL ecosystem expands via new assets, COIL users can farm other assets like Aqua or utilize the COIL/ETH (Spring). These other pools will compliment the main Coil/Eth pool while also creating arbitrage opportunities as COIL and all assets fluctuate in value allowing for arbitrage opportunities. On top of this ROI’s between the pools will also fluctuate based on demand. One week the Waterfall may be higher ROI and lower in the Aquifer, or vice versa. As the demand for each pool fluctuates so too will the ROIs allowing for other ways to maximize profit within the Coil ecosystem.

CORE introduced the ground breaking idea of deflationary farming. SAV3 and RFI, have also expanded on ideas of farming. AQUA not only improves on them by making them all automated and having lps rewarded each tx, but also by adding in deflationary tokenomics. COIL aims to create a massive ecosystem loop with varying types of assets, farming mechanisms, fluctuating roi’s, and arbitrage opportunities not seen before in the DeFi space all anchored by COIL -the less correlated elastic hedge asset.




COIL is a dynamic yet predictable decentralized elastic supply token with a built-in 23 hour rebase mechanism.