Aqua Token Swap

2 min readDec 27, 2020


We have found an issue with Uniswap and the AQUA fee system. We have tried to speak to Uniswap to resolve this issue, but are not getting sufficient timely help, responses, or solutions.


So we have decided the best and quickest solution to move forward is to do a token swap to specifically adhere to Uniswap’s sidecase that denies liquidity.

Steps will be as follows:

1- All current AQUA fees are disabled for 48 hrs starting now to allow people to remove liquidity and get their AQUA in their hands — this allows the new contract to have the correct total supply.
2- AQUA token swap new contract created matching supply from current contract at time of fee disable.
3. Aqua token swap new contract will be paused for 48hrs.
4. During this 48 hrs, users can send their current AQUA to the new contract posted on After 48 hours, you will be able to call a function to claim the amount of old AQUA you sent for new AQUA.
5. Users will go to — it will show the claim amount AFTER 48hrs
6. After this 48 hrs and the amount shows up. Click Claim and the contract will send the total amount of AQUA back to you.
*contract will still be paused until we set liquidity (liquidity will be set at the same current rate it is at the time the fees are disabled for the initial 48hrs).
7. After 48 hrs all is unpaused and full functionality returns.

AQUA Token Swap Contract (send your AQUA here)

NEW AQUA token contact — 0x7e32c8727cc19dd59a7a4d01b95ae1cbfc8f4c77

NEW AQUA PAIRS (Liquidity has already been added)

These will be the new pairs after the token swap. Liquidity already been added though no buying or selling as it is paused until after the claims open in 96 hrs and the swap finishes. Once done it will be unpaused and fees enabled





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