The next step and evolution in the Coil ecosystem is the build a certificate of deposit system similar to what you would find in a bank. This can also be looked at as a single sided vault. It will allow users to put their Coil in a CD and grow their marketshare. Rewards as was as your normal balance continue to rebase and debase as per normal.


The CD will run for 30 days. You can elect in at anytime. If you elect in at day 15 you still accrue the same % of the reward as if you entered…


We have found an issue with Uniswap and the AQUA fee system. We have tried to speak to Uniswap to resolve this issue, but are not getting sufficient timely help, responses, or solutions.


So we have decided the best and quickest solution to move forward is to do a token swap to specifically adhere to Uniswap’s sidecase that denies liquidity.

Steps will be as follows:

1- All current AQUA fees are disabled for 48 hrs starting now to allow people to remove liquidity and get their AQUA in their hands — this allows the new contract to have…

Coil Ecosystem


Elastic supply token that targets $1 and rebases itself every 23 hrs to match market supply and demand factors.


Deflationary token with features of SAV3 and RFI that rewards holders, function callers, AQUA/ETH lps, and AQUA/COIL lps.


Reasoning and Usecase

AQUA is designed to be a deflationary asset that will become more scarce over time. The goal of AQUA is to provide DeFi users and farmers a token that rises in value, becomes more scarce, and also is the first farmable asset for the COIL ecosystem. Many farming tokens have high inflation, making them a race to farm…

The COIL team is constantly watching the market and following trends in the space. Since we have launched some unique ideas have been developed. One of these was CORE and their idea of locking in liquidity forever. Since the goal of the COIL Spring has always been to provide deep liquidity making it harder for whales to manipulate we have been looking for ways to adopt this into our ecosystem as it fits perfectly with our goals.

Introducing COIL Spring V2

Coil founder, Ghost was recently a guest on IDCrypto’s Ask Me Anything “AMA”, discussing the growth of Coil and how our projects operates. We received some great questions from the IDCrypto community, and you can follow the recap below.


September 16, 2020


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AMA Theme : All About Coil Crypto

Event Date: Sept 15, 2020 Organized By ID Crypto Official

Speaker : Mr. Ghost ( Founder Of Coil )

ID Crypto
before we start our first session, can you tell us a little about your background?

The Coil team is launching our Brand Ambassador Program and we are looking for a minimum of 5 Ambassadors to add as contributors. If you would like to join us and contribute to our growth and progress, follow the information below. Everyone is welcome to apply. Submissions will end on October 10, 2020 or until Ambassador spots are filled.


Are you active on forums and groups and like to interact with others?

Do you have creativity and want to collaborate on projects and promotion materials?

Are you an aspiring Writer / Blogger / YouTuber or an already accomplished one?

Our latest AMA with D’va was a success and the recap is now available. Thank you to the D’va team for the write-up and for having Ghost as a guest. The community engagement was amazing and the Q&A went very well. Keep spreading crypto adoption!

Thank you to the D’va Community for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Coil Crypto on Sept 8, 2020. With Founder (Ghost ). If you were unable to join the live AMA, no worries, you can read more here.

Sky Kanekii:
Welcome to the DVA community, thanks for taking the time for today’s AMA session!
We are glad to meet here:
Gost , @Ghost8941 Founder

Hello all, sorry couldnt type

Glad to finally be here!

Sky Kanekii:

How are you feel today @Ghost8941

Wonderful and excited our Spring launches tomorrow


Spring 1.0


  • Start Date: September 9, 2020
  • Reward Pool: 1% of total COIL supply
  • Distribution Schedule: 90 days
  • Stake for 1 month for 2x rewards
  • Stake for 2 months for 3x rewards

Once the program goes live you’ll be able to find it here.


  • Connect your Web3 wallet (ie. MetaMask) to the Uniswap liquidity pool here
  • Deposit ETH and COIL into the Uniswap V2 Pool
  • Select Supply
  • Receive UETHCOIL-V2 tokens in return*
  • Navigate to the Coil Spring site here
  • Choose the Amount and Time Lock Period (days)
  • Deposit V2 tokens (Users can set up multiple contracts)**

I was recently doing an AMA, and one of the questions that came across was why did you choose the name COIL? There are two reasons:

Firstly, Coil is an elastic supply cryptocurrency which has a target price of $1 USD adjusted for CPI inflation. Because it is elastic it “coils and recoils” around $1. It can be higher and it can be lower, but over time it adjusts itself to work its way back to $1. If demand is high and price pushes high, Coil adds supply creating sell pressure to recoil itself back down. If demand is too…

We would like to say thank you to the team at NanoNews for having our founder, Ghost as a guest on their recent “Ask Me Anything”. The community had some excellent questions and the NanoNews team did a nice job on the recap below.

Thank you to the NanoNews Community for participating in Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Coil on September 2, 2020. This guest star Ghost, Team Coil. If you were unable to join the live AMA, no worries, here comes our 51st AMA recap!

We are glad to meet here:
Ghost, Team Coil
For taking your time out from busy…


COIL is a dynamic yet predictable decentralized elastic supply token with a built-in 23 hour rebase mechanism.

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